Singing lessons in Reading for adult beginners


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 Singing Lessons in Reading at professional level


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First class singing teaching at professional level by award winning singing coach.

Our students excel for competence and confidence.





The Vocal Coach Singing Academy offers two different options for adults wishing to explore and improve their singing.


Singing lessons for adults - one-to-one traditional classes 


Singing Workshops - for learning singing in a relaxed environment


All styles are covered including Opera and Musical Theatre for adult beginners.

ONE-TO-ONE singing lessons


The Vocal Coach

Singing Academy




 individual lessons for adult beginners of any age and experience.


First class singing technique is provided to adult singers of any genre:


  • Classical singers, with or without former training.


  • Choir singers.


  • Former and established singers of pop, rock, musical theatre that have been away from singing for a long time and wish to train or re-train again, of any age and background.


  • Adults with a passion for classical and opera that want to get proper training, even without experience.


  • Adults that are total beginners and wish to explore their singing potential.


  • Adult singers of any level of singing wishing to record a song following some training with the Vocal Coach.   





The Vocal Coach

Singing  Academy



has now launched a singing Workshop for Adult beginners in the Reading area.


Bookings are now open for the new singing workshop  for adult beginners.

All participants  can enjoy a singing course in a fun and creative environment.

Our unique method allows everybody to learn at their own pace,

refresh or learn a singing technique

 and test themselves in a short solo

 when they feel ready to take the lead.

 All classes take place in a professional studio

with availability of professional equipment and microphones.


Open to complete beginners and more seasoned singers.


Booking in advance is essential.    BOOK NOW


Any questions and to learn more click HERE



Book an exploratory call for an initial assessment of your requirements:


text, call 07913215179





SINGING LESSONS for adult beginners are very much in demand.


Adult beginners and former singers can book singing lessons at professional level even if trying  singing for the first time or coming back to singing after a long break.




  • Adults can have personalized lessons aimed at performing at amateur or  higher level.


  • Singing lessons for adults can be very rewarding,  confidence is improved as well as presentation skills and social skills.


  • Singing is also a proven way to improve general wellbeing and manage stress.