SINGING LESSONS by qualified singing coach for professionals.

Beginners, advanced, motivated amateurs, performers.

The Vocal Coach is a singing Academy of top level run by a private vocal and performance singing teacher/coach for professionals of Musical Theatre, Classical, Opera and other genres, including Hard Rock.

Based in Berkshire and online, we offer premium level singing classes for demanding singers looking for the best singing tutoring at professional level for their own auditions as well as foundation training for beginners.

The rehearsal studio for face to face classes is located in Reading, a few minutes drive from town centre.

Other studios available in Wokingham, Maidenhead and surroundings.

Classes are also run online, from the comfort of your own home.

We provide classes for all types of singing:

Musical Theatre vocal coaching and Classical/Opera at professional level, preparing for exams, auditions and competitions of the highest level.

We also offer high level singing lessons for:

Rock, Pop, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal., technique and performance based.

Singing classes for children, adults,

General training/foundation courses of the highest standard for total beginners.

Singing courses for actors, dancers, vocalists, front singers, preparing for auditions.

Our 30+ years expertise enables a full preparation for the most demanding and highest level singing performances.

Beginners and motivated amateurs that want to explore singing for the first time are welcome, alongside seasoned performers that need to prepare for professional auditions and performances, in a super motivational environment.

We respect and appreciate that every singer comes from a different path. Eventually confidence, competence and control are developed thanks to our solid experience and support.

Confidence in singing is easily increased when you gain full control of your voice with the right singing technique. 

All the students of The Vocal Coach, with no exceptions, obtain a commercially interesting sound and a total relief when singing which makes them stand out of the crowd as confident persons and refined performers.

Thanks to my 25 years of experience as a Voice Coach for professional singers, I am confident that all my students can reach unexpected results and discover their own inner, greatest potential.


Deep, inner confidence in singing that reflects in all areas of life is often achieved as a result.



Whether you are

 a working business professional or somebody with an established different career seeking to explore your voice and singing talent with the help of a professional specialist, or a motivated beginner just looking for top class quality teaching and a new rewarding experience under the guidance of a Senior Singing Coach for professionals, you can benefit from singing lessons of the highest professional and quality level aimed at discovering your singing skills and have fun using your voice while at the same time developing deep inner confidence.


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Parents who aim to develop their children`s potential and confidence can find the highest quality level of teaching and competence aimed at preparing a child for a future career or simply shine as a skilled singer.


Whether a child approaches singing lessons as an after-school activity or has the potential to become the next rising star of the music industry, they will receive first class professional teaching and all the tools necessary to master their voice and achieve full control, deep inner confidence and gratification at singing.



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The Vocal Coach has worked for many years alongside professionals of opera and Musical Theatre, teaching state-of-the-art singing technique at the highest professional level.


Thanks to a solid background made of qualifications, long standing stage experience with professionals and deep knowledge of the instrument “voice”, every singer will achieve significant  results from day one and a long lasting confidence.


VOICE THERAPY provided for re-training of voices with nodules and voice strain.



All styles are covered at career and professional level, from pop, rock, hard rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, soul, classical and Musical Theatre.

We prepare for all the basic exams like grades 1 to 8 ABRSM, Trinity, Rock school, Lamda, LCM.

Diploma in performance as well as Conservatoire and post graduate preparation included.

Preparing for performing arts University auditions.

Preparing children and adults for Voice Kids Uk, Teen Star, X factor, Britain`s got talent and all the most popular competitons.


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 What you can find at The Vocal Coach:


Singing lessons for beginners, either children or adults.

Children can prepare for exams and auditions for competitions such as Voice Kids Uk, Teens uk, Britain`s got Talent and Xfactor.

Singing lessons for advanced students:

we offer singing lessons at professional level, with technique based classes for the most advanced and experienced singers. Many of our students have a background of a singing, acting and dancing education and want to take the next step to being a solo performer. Many of our students come from a stagecoach, perform, stars of tomorrow sing, act, dance academy in search of improvement and opportunities to sing solos; thanks to our high level one-to-one classes, they develop themselves in amazing professionals, ready for the most demanding auditions and commitments.


 Singing lessons for adult beginners:

All those adults that want to try singing for the first time;

all those adults that have had some experience and want to come back to singing after a long break.


Advanced singing and professional singing for all ages, in all styles : voice coaching for pop, rock, hard rock, blues, classical; all the most sophisticated techniques are applied, from belting, cry, fry, to twang.


As an opera singer I excel at preparing Musical Theatre singers ; I teach Musical theatre at beginner to advanced level, including preparing for Urdang, London Studio, and all the most prestigious performing arts academies.


As an established singing teacher with 20+ years of experience, in Reading, Berkshire, I prepare children and adults for ABRSM, LCM, Trinity, Rock School, and all Graded singing exams.


Competitions auditions preparation: Voice kids Uk, teen star, X factor


Musical Theory is also available at all levels. I have a Conservatoire degree competence.


Opera and classical singing:

all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Preparing for Conservatoire auditions.


Courses of singing are available  for adults for those singers that want to join a group singing lesson as a taster for singing lessons.

These courses are dedicated to singing students that want to gain experience and accomplish good results without the commitment to one-to one singing classes.


High level technique, singing in harmony, microphone technique is provided. For the most corageous and committed students, solo opportunities are available.

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Online classes

London: Camden town, Old street, City of London


Berkshire area: Singing lessons in Reading Central, Earley, Winnersh, Twyford, Wokingham, Sindlesham, Woodley, Whitley, Bray, Windsor, Henley, Maidenhead.









I was born in a family that nurtured my interest in music.

Since a very young age I felt I wanted to sing. I had some piano lessons since my very early childhood, then I was introduced to singing. Because I had a classical imprint, classical music was my main interest. Early in my childhood I started singing in the prestigious choir of Accademia Philarmonica Romana and soon was encouraged to further my study in classical singing.

My first experience on stage is at age 7. I had the rare fortune of meeting some of the best coaches in the world.

 However it was not just fortune: by nature I was very fussy and even at a very young age, I felt the need to find really "the best match" for my musical education.

 I felt I wanted to progress and with some experience I learned to pick up only  those coaches that made me feel  a sense of progress in every lesson, setting targets high  and encouraging live experience.

I had a career as an opera singer. Moreover, while I was studying  for that, and before I was qualified enough to teach, I gave myself the chance to sing in various other types of situations


I have a first class experience in various styles.

 My very first experience as a non classical musician was as a punk rock lead singer in my teens...

My curiosity about singing technique grew over time. Following my curiosity and interest in all the aspects of singing,  I got the chance of being introduced to the world of medicine by supporting some famous laringologysts in their research in the unexplored world of medicine for professional users of the voice. I gained very valuable experience about how the voice really works and what can be done to become a great singer. Also I learned what must not be done in order to mantain a healthy singing. For this reason, some of my classes are dedicated to people in need of speech therapy:

 If properly used singing is a valid alternative to speech therapy.

I am an expert of belting and Musical Theatre singing technique. I am classically trained at the highest level, being an opera singer first of all

My 20+ years of experience as a teacher and much longer as a singer allow me to have the ability to train mostly any type of voice at any level.

Among my specialization you find: belting technique, belcanto for classical, voice rehab for singers, actors, teachers and any professional speaker/voice user. I`m also an expert of Musical Theatre. Thanks to my classical advanced training I prepare for all grades of ABRSM, Trinity, Guildhall, LCM, Conservatoire, University. I also provide a very good alternative to speech therapy for people with voice problems including nodules, post operatory voice rehab, Parkinson`s sufferers and other types of voice disfunctions.

Please follow the links in the home page for the type of singing of interest and you will be redirected to webpages with more about my experience, what I do, articles about singing and more info about my courses, one-to-one classes and gift vouchers for singing lessons.

I teach in Reading in the Lower Earley area and in London in hired studios in various areas of the town.




The Vocal Coach singing Academy is based in Berkshire in the RG6 area, just a handful of minutes from the junction 4 and the A329 (Wokingham road).

Close locations are: Wokingham Maidenhead, Bray, Sonning, Henley-on-Thames.




Want to know more? Further info can be found on external websites according to your chosen style of singing: Click on the links' button below

My lessons are very popular, classes can be booked preferably by bank account payment. Please contact me for further info and for all the details : info@vocalcoach.org.uk

The Vocal Coach will host a blog (currently under construction) about singing lessons for all ages and styles in Reading, Berkshire.


All you need to know about singing lessons in Reading for beginners, singing for children at advanced and professional level, singing lessons for adult beginners, advanced singing and professional singing for all ages, voice coaching for pop, rock, hard rock, blues, classical; the Singing Academy is run by an opera singing teacher and Musical Theatre singing teacher at beginner to advanced level, with 25 years of experience as a vocal coach for professionals


My Reading-based Music School provides private singing lessons with qualified, award-winning music teachers - for both adults and children.

All ages are welcome with a particular focus on adult beginners.


My studio works as a Voice Academy for all ages. I aim to teach singing technique for classical and musical theatre at professional level thanks to my opera background and deep knowledge of belting technique. I also welcome motivated beginners with an interest in Pop, rock, blues and Hard Rock.


Please browse to find all the relevant information about an established singing teacher in Reading, Berkshire preparing for ABRSM, LCM, Trinity, Rock School, and all Graded singing exams. Musical Theory is offered at all levels.


How to choose a singing teacher, what is the best age to start studying singing,  how much is the average cost of a singing lesson and many other important information about learning to use your voice, singing lessons and singing teachers in Berkshire and London are available in these pages.


Classes are aimed at excellence and many of my students become advanced and professional singers / performers; classes for adult beginners with a passion for singing and motivated beginners of all ages looking for state-of -the-art voice tuition  are also in great request.


The most achieved results of our students are confidence and quality in singing, whatever their starting point is.


Gift vouchers are available in various formats,

 from a single class with assessment to a number of classes and even with final recording of a demo.





My lessons are very popular, classes can be booked preferably by bank account payment. Please contact me for further info and for all the details : info@vocalcoach.org.uk

Phone and WhatsApp+44 0791 3215 179