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All styles from pop, rock,

musical theatre and classical/opera.

Singing lessons for children

  now available online and one-to-one 



Subscription are now open for the new singing school for children of all ages up to 16.


 "Confidence to sing" has been created to enable all children up to 16 years to gain more

confidence and empowerment

in their singing.

Regardless of their initial talent and ability, all children with no exception boost their singing ability and make their first step towards gaining confidence in singing and in life.

Courses are attended on a weekly basis in a fully equipped rehearsal studio where children can learn the use of microphones and are encouraged to showcase their talent in regular singing performances, with no pressure and when they feel ready. All participants are enabled to enhance their singing talent through first class singing technique. 


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We aim to enable all singers of any age and experience to achieve confidence,

voice control and competence;

whether they aim for a professional career as singers or simply wish to explore their voce and experiment professional, high class teaching, we offer the same commitment and dedication.




If your child is new to singing...

Would you like to know if your child has a talent as a singer?


Do you think that an individual lesson is the best

 way to learn to sing?



        Would you like to have an assessment by a professional, qualified and accredited singing coach about what level of ability your child can reach and what type of singing is the best choice for your child?




TRY A ONE-TO-ONE singing lesson

at professional level from The Vocal Coach,

a singing coach for professionals of Opera and Musical Theatre.








My philosophy about.....




Established onfidence in singing comes from the right singing technique.



Whilst for some fortunate individuals confidence and self esteem come as a second nature, for most singers, even the more talented or famous, lack of confidence in singing can seriously affect their performance.

Even in the case of extremely talented singing students there could be a lack of confidence based on lack of knowledge of their ability,

comparing to others and lack of experience.


We start a journey aimed at exploring the child`s`s talent and characteristics since

the first consultation lesson.

An individual, dedicated one-to-one lesson is ideal to build confidence without the pressure coming from competition, confusion and confrontation with other children that happens in a choir or group lesson.

It is proven that reserved children will hide behind the more confident, whereas the more open and friendly

will need

a space to show off their potential.


No warming up, scale or song is a standard


our goal is nurturing individuality.

A range of opportunities are considered,

all taylored on individual requirements:

 singing for fun, preparing a small performance,

working on boosting self-esteem,

building a repertoire of favourites,

preparing for exams and auditions.

Full control when singing gives the freedom to express inner feelings.

COMPETENCE - full control of the voice when singing


Expertise in all the aspects of singing as well

as practical experience are achieved 

as a result since the first lesson.


From breathing to posture, and passing through a substantial work on releasing tensions and overcoming technical issues, our students are provided with all the necessary tools of what is required to perform at the highest level, either on a technical

and on a physical level.

Musical knowledge at Conservatoire level can be part of the journey if required. 

There are no limits as to what can be learned as our classes are aimed to prepare up to professional and career level, including classical and musical theatre singing.

Exams and admissions to University and Conservatoire as well as all ABRSM, Trinity, Lamda and LCM exams are offered at the Vocal Coach.

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Successful singers have accepted and nurtured their uniqueness.



A child is encouraged to develop uniqueness at the Vocal Coach and shine in their own unique way.

By proposing progressive challenges, children are stimulated to surpass themselves by offering constant encouragement and a varied repertoire.

Thanks to the 25 years singing teaching experience of the voice teacher, talent and potential can easily emerge even in the most reserved child.

We offer a varied program ad hoc, based uniquely on the child's ability and inclination.

We cover all types of singing lessons

with an emphasys on those styles that require

expertise and singing technique: learning by having fun is the main aim of our singing Academy

as well as achieving confidence.

Classical, opera, pop, musical theatre, rock, hard rock, jazz, blues, soul, gospels are all covered at The Vocal Coach,

for both children and adults


We work on style as well as technique with the aim to provide the singer with deep knowledge of their instrument and capabilities.

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My lessons are very popular, classes can be booked preferably by bank account payment. Please contact me for further info and for all the details :

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