Adult singing classes at The Vocal Coach are especially designed for those adult

beginners and advanced

that wish to simply discover or improve their singing ability

 and develop deeper confidence in singing.

Confidence in singing reflects in all areas of life.


Option 1:


singing lessons for adult beginners

All styles, from pop to rock and hard rock and   including high level opera and musical theatre.

Suitable to total, absolute beginners and more experienced singers.

Advanced and post graduate welcome.

Professionals welcome.

One-to-one singing lessons are the traditional approach to singing lessons and help choosing the most suitable type of singing for your voice and personality in a protected, non-judgemental  environment.


Option 2:


for adult beginners

In the form of a workshop course.

Mainly pop and commercial music.

Beginners and newcomers welcome.



Singing in a group is a good starter option for beginners.

It helps socializing and increasing confidence and it`s fun.


 Option 3:


singing starter complete course

 A combination of one-to-one and group workshop/courses  for confidence building.                                                               The most popular  option for total beginners that wish to make their  first step into  singing lessons for adults and improve their confidence and style.

Individual lessons help developing style and voice control and singing in a group courses help to become OUTRAGEOUSLY confident.

A combination of the two options is the most popular choice for total beginners.

 Individual lessons for adult beginners of any age and experience.


    First class singing teaching is provided to

    adult singers of any genre and level of experience:



    • Adults that are total beginners and wish to explore their singing potential. All styles are covered, from pop, rock, hard rock and Musical theatre.


    • Amateurs singing in a small ensemble, band or project that wish to improve their vocal control.
    • Adults wishing to explore classical singing. 


    • Classical singers, with little or without previous training.
    • Choir singers.


    • Beginners and more established singers of pop, rock, hard rock, jazz, classical and musical theatre.


    • Former singers that have been away from singing for a long time and wish to train or re-train again, of any age and background.


    • Adults with a passion for classical and opera that want to get proper training, even without experience.



    • Adult singers of any level of singing wishing to record a song following some training with the Vocal Coach.  (see gift voucher page) 



    There are 2 options: Singing Course for Adult beginners in the Reading area.

    Singing course for beginners online.



    A new singing course,

     a starter group course  for adult beginners.

    All participants  can enjoy a proper singing course

     in a fun and creative environment.

    Our unique method allows everybody to learn at their own pace,

    refresh or learn a singing technique

     and test themselves in a short solo

     only when and if they feel ready to take the lead.

     All classes take place in a professional studio

    with availability of professional equipment and microphones.


    Open to complete beginners.

    Booking is essential.

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    Starter package with a combination of

    one-to-one and group work.


    Available for children and adults.



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